Michelle K.

Diana is awesome! She’s very personable we loved being around her and everyone loved working with her. She’s not like a slimy salesperson (slimy the typical kind that you think is being nice to you only because they want your business). She’s very honest, very forthright in giving honest opinions, always protective of her clients always looking out for their best interest. There were so many things I was absolutely clueless about and in split seconds she zeroed in on things that I would never have noticed nor would I ever think to ask about. She’s extremely knowledgeable about property in both buying and selling and all the different types of listings there were short sales, bank sales, etc. Extremely familiar with the local market has been doing this for a ton of years and has an excellent reputation. She’s available in an instant to help or answer questions, very good at communicating well, and often with both us and lenders, etc. In fact, she was able to get us a better deal with a better lender who she did not know before working with us mainly because she developed a good working relationship with him because he was simply more responsive than the one we were originally dealing with and he was next door to the one we were dealing with they partner up sometimes or something and our guy had this guy call us back about something because he was too busy or something so she starting talking to this other guys so we ended up giving the business to the one who was better at communicating. Bummer for the other guy but that's the way it goes we didn't want to deal with that and neither did she she's very no-nonsense and we love that about her. She has a Ton of integrity. She sees people as people, not as money and not as means to an end she truly cares about the well-being of every person she meets. Unless they are rudely throwing clothes on the floor at a department store instead of hanging them back up. Well, she cares about those people too but just wishes they cared more about others as well. Everyone has their pet peeves. That is one of mine too so I can empathize. If you choose to enlist her for your real estate needs you aren't simply making a business transaction through this person, you are more than likely getting a great deal, having lots of laughs along the way, and gaining a great friend who you know really cares about you and your family.

Buyer & Seller

Diana is not only a Real Estate Agent, she is a Broker and Partner with Regency Real Estate Brokers, a premier professional and experienced Orange County, CA real estate company. Diana has listed, sold, and helped find a home for us in Laguna Niguel. More importantly, Diana got me top dollar for my home and negotiated a great deal for my Laguna Niguel home. Diana has done the same for a number of family members and friends. Professionalism, Experience, and Knowledge are vital qualities for the individual you trust with the single largest investment that most of us make in our lifetime. Diana is all that and more.

Buyer & Seller

Diana worked with us over several years looking for property in the area that we were interested in, we eventually purchased a home. She also listed our home and sold it and we were extremely happy with the service she gave us. She was very professional and patient. We recommend her to all of our friends and relatives.


Very professional. Consultive and not a salesperson. Very helpful about properties in the area. Very knowledgeable about properties in the area. Also very responsive in all dealings. Trust Diana a lot. Different from many of the other Realtors® that I have met in the past. Would recommend her highly.


Diana Antoun's knowledge of the real estate market has been a huge advantage in selling our home. She responds to e-mails quickly and keeps us updated on the progress of selling our house. I would highly recommend her for your real estate needs.

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Whether you're a first-time homebuyer, a luxury property enthusiast, or a senior looking to downsize, Diana and her team are here to fulfill all your real estate needs. Don't miss out – contact The Partnership Group today and let them lead you towards your dream home.

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